“Spider-Man: Far From Home”: what the scenes reveal at the end of the film

As “Spider-Man: Far from Home Full Movie online: ” puts an end to some business that remained pending in “Avengers: Endgame” – and ten years of films that took us here – Spider-Man: Far from Home the final credits of the film give clues of what they wait for the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe.

The answer may be very, very far from home. As far as in the cosmos.

(Alert spoilers from this point.) If you have not seen the movie or several other recent Marvel films, you are warned).

Since the first appearance of Samuel L. Jackson as Colonel Nick Fury, in the then innovative post-credits scene of the first “Iron Man” movie in 2008, he foreshadowed the emergence of a larger universe and the notion of a superhero team in the form of the Avengers, the final sequence of “Far From Home” returns to give a key position to Fury, as the Marvel universe prepares to enter what Marvel Studios calls Phase Four.

The sequence begins with the revelation that the veteran leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. and his unconditional lieutenant Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), who have guided Spider-Man (Tom Holland) into the path of the superheroes throughout the film, are in fact a pair of Skrull in disguise. The Skrulls are the alien race that can change the way we first saw on the screen in “Captain Marvel” earlier this year.

In fact, the audience met this pair of Skrulls specifically in that movie set in the 90s: Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) first appeared to be a rival of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and a young Fury, but then proved that he was simply trying to rescue a group of his people, including his wife and daughter, from the evil Kree, another alien race with an eye on the Earth. Talos has taken the form of Fury, while his wife Soren (Sharon Blynn) has assumed the identity of Hill.

This is not only a relief for some viewers who noticed that Fury and Hill acted a little out of place (including the fact of having been duped by the character of Mysterio, by Jake Gyllenhaal) and exaggerated throughout the film, but that It also gives way to the next intrigue: Talos, whom we last saw on good terms with Fury twenty years ago, has been forced to work for the always vigilant and always busy superspy, while Fury is … doing exactly what?

That’s the big question: when Talos goes with Fury to inform him about the events we’ve just witnessed, Fury is apparently drinking a tropical drink on a sun-drenched beach, enjoying a getaway after the terrible end of “Endgame” (without mention that it was dissolved by Thanos and he was dead for five years). But we quickly discovered that only in a holiday simulation in Hawaii, thanks to some technological gimmicks, and actually Fury is on board a spaceship. We should remember that Nick Fury never has a vacation.

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